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Finnovation is a next generation financial technological company comprised of group of young entrepreneurs, have been inspired to use ideas, knowledge, skills and global experience in Bangladesh through bringing innovation in the FinTech Industry. The ultimate goal is to bridge the gap between technological advancement and financial services across the country and to do so we aim to introduce different products and services to establish a comprehensive financial ecosystem in Bangladesh by prevailing financial inclusion as well as digital security.

Our Mission

.To empower people to use multi channel digital payment systems as their preferred means of payment and to build a less-cash society.
. To provide constructive and secure services for serving in the whole digital financial ecosystem.
. To sure more people are living in the bottom of the pyramid in the banking system.
. To ensure state of the art technology for information security.

Our Vision

Our vision is to ensure easy,fast and secured service and to stand on a solid and apotheosized foundation of outstanding technology and expert talent pool in the FinTech industry.


Finnovation Limited

Builing an Inclusive Digital Financial Ecosystem

Our Strength


Finnovation’s potency lies on its team strength. We have been formed with a combination of skill force from business, information technology and banking . Half of the Directors have noteworthy relevant experience in the global market where as the rest half has performed significant role locally in well branded companies such as Nestle, Green Delta, IFC, HSBC. The key team members have got ownership in the business and most of the directors are working full-time for the company which is easing the company to forward with a single tone towards its mission and long term vision. The versatile skill combination is complementing each other and at the same time giving a back up whenever is required.



We are developing a mobile app/web based Digital Payment system which will enable and empower people from all walks of life to send money instantly from one verified user to another. This will totally be a comprehensive solution aiming to cashless process. This will ensure fast, secure and easy transfer of money. The People living below poverty line will be included through facilitation of advanced technology for ensuring financial inclusion in the whole ecosystem. Also the NRBs will be able to remit money in this wallet from abroad instantly.



Finnovation is also working on the cutting-edge security system for the financial and IT sector. We are introducing Digital Banking 2.0 to work on IoT, Blockchain, AR and many more.The system we are developing will be a one stop solution for all your payment, shopping, travelling and lifestyle needs as we are also developing an online marketplace side by side to add value in the whole process.


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